CIS 4120 5120 - Introduction to Human Computer Interaction


Day: Tuesdays/Thursdays


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In this course, you will learn the essentials of human-computer interaction (HCI). Over the course of a semester, you will learn how to design interactive systems that satisfy and delight users by undertaking the human-centered design process, from ideation to prototyping, implementation, and assessment with human users. You will learn key tools in the HCI toolkit, including need-finding, user studies, visual design, cognitive models, demo'ing, ethical considerations, and writing about your designs. This course also provides a primer on several areas of emerging technology in HCI, such as human-AI interaction and education technology. We will also cover ethics in HCI, including topics like inclusive design and dark patterns. To hone your craft as an HCI practitioner, during this course you will undertake a group project to design an innovative user interface. The final submission will include a working interactive prototype, demonstrations of the interface at a public departmental design showcase, and a written reflection on your design findings. Prerequisite: prior programming experience.

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